"I can always count on Wini's insights and processes to help me fine my way out of the hole.  Not only did I relax and keep going, but I actually landed my dream job!  AND it happened much sooner than I expected."

Training Director - Virtual and Live Seminars


"Working with Wini radically changed my relationshiop with money - for good!  I now have an increasing income, savings, and handle my money fears without anxiety."

ESL Certified Teacher - Seoul, Korea

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    "Wini has an uncanny ability to quickly focus on what holds you back, and thenshe helps you get past it.  Working with her and my business coach helped me more than double my business in a year!  The surprise bonuses were that my personal life improved, and I am now seen as a leader in my business community."

    Small Business Owner

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    "Wini's insights helped me to view some things in a different way, untwist some tangled notions, [and] connect my spirit with my intentions.  I [regained] a calm, confident energy that I hadn't felt in a while.  My path became clear, and I took it! "

    From Banker to Licensed Social Worker

    AM/PM TOols

    About Dr. Curley

    For 28 years Wini worked as an expert environmental toxicologist and consultant cleaning up hazardous waste sites.  Now she helps entrepreneurs and other high achiever professionals cleanup their internal toxic attitudes and beliefs so they achieve success with less stress.  She loves seeing her clients implement and integrate their Ah Hahs and capture the life they long for.

    Known as the Clarity & Change Catalyst, Wini offers powerful practical programs that can be implemented immediately to create positive changes that last.  Since she provides sound advice and workable solutions, her clients come back to her repeatedly as they face new challenges.  As one long term client said "It doesn't take Wini long to hone in on exactly what has you stuck or tied in knots.  If you follow her amazing insights and recommendations, you can get past it pretty fast.

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