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Wini Curley, P​hD

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These two mp3 guided image tools are designed to support you having a positive fresh start to your day followed by a restful night's sleep. Both audios are short and powerful. Use these tools regularly to create new habits that support you having the life and business you long for!

Focus Your Energy For The Day - The AM (morning) audio will help you start the day clear and focused.  In addition, you will get a way to keep going back to that focus if you slip.

De-Stress and Relax for Restful Sleep - The PM (night time) audio is designed to help calm a busy mind, let go of the day, and drop into a deep restful sleep.  The bonus is you will develop a positive internal conversation about your day to balance any criticism you may be holding on to.  You can also ask for guidance from Source while you sleep to receive insights to help resolve troubling issues.  



Two daily Audios to start your day with confidence, and end with peace of mind. 


     Audio Power Duo 

    AM/PM TOols

    AM Choose How You Will Be TOday

    Doing flows from Being
    fresh start