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Dr. Wini Curley, The Clarity & Change Catalyst,  is offering a completely FREE private phone Discovery Session to qualified applicants.  It is not a coaching session.  It IS a conversation to explore what beliefs, habits, or attitudes keep you from moving forward, and discover a next step to create the positive change you want.    During the conversation, it will become clear whether Wini is a good match to help you get there, or not.

Check out the Testimonials for what clients say about working with Wini. She specializes in helping high performance professionals (investors, attorneys, doctors, executives) learn to Become Lucky and achieve success with less stress.   They deal with challenges effectively and stay functional and feeling.

Provide your name and email.  You will receive an email with a link to the Application document and instructions. Answer the 11 questions and see if you qualify for the FREE Session!

Wini Curley , PhD

Does this sound familiar?

  • Wondering what your next step is toward having the life and/or business you long for?
  • Feel like there is something missing, but you have no real right to complain?
  • Worn out from struggling to make progress all the time?  
  • Want to achieve success, but with less stress?

This is for you if ....

  • You believe in personal development and self-help, and know there is something still deeper you can reach within yourself.
  • You know it is time to take that next step toward the life and/or business you long for.
  • You are ready to give up being tough and going it alone, and want some insights and support so you can get what you want sooner.
  • You are a high performance professional who wants a better balance for your life and work.

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